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Radiator Cap - Stant 10372

Price: $18.95
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Item Number: STN 10372
Manufacturer: STANT
Stant Racing Radiator Cap - 10372

Stant Racing Radiator Caps are specialty parts for use on high-performance cooling systems.  This cap fits standard SAE "A" size (2 1/8" OD, 3/4" deep) filler necks and does not include an upper gasket, so they are for use on open cooling systems only.

WARNING   These are high pressure radiator caps made for use on race cars only.  Do not use them on passenger cars.  Pressure test the complete cooling system to the maximum level of pressure indicated on the box.  Failure to test the cooling system to the proper pressure prior to installing the cap may result in damage to the cooling system or bodily injury.

This cap is rated at 21-25 Lbs.