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Brake Fluid - AP 600

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Item Number: AP 600
Manufacturer: AP RACING
AP Racing Super 600 Brake and Clutch Fluid

AP Racing Super 600 racing brake fluid is not designed for highway use and is not compatible with other brake fluids

This fluid has been designed for extreme high performance racing conditions, e.g. when using Carbon/Carbon brake systems. It has a minimum dry boiling point of 300 degrees C and a minimum wet of 210 degrees C. Available in a 16.9 US fl.oz. plastic container. Typical applications are, larger GT and Production class race cars, Showroom stock and vehicles that lack proper brake venting and many short track applications

AP Racing Formula DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid conforms to S.A.E. J1703 specifications and is ideal for High Performance Road Applications, Competition and Track Days

All AP Racing Brake Fluids are Polyalkalene Glycol Ether based and are not a silicone based fluid. AP Racing does not sell and does not recommend using a silicone based brake fluid with any of its products

Color variations may occour in AP 600 brake fluid due to its manufacturing process. This has no effect on the quality and performance of this product

500ml Bottle (16.9 ounce)